Tezcal should be enjoyed knowing that we take measures to ensure our ingredients are used with sustainability in mind. Our Tezcal is crafted with wild agave in order to preserve the land’s natural resources and wildlife habitats. We’re also working towards forming partnerships with several organizations and causes that raise awareness of wild agave conservation and restoration efforts, while we’re also bringing our Tezcal spirit to your celebrations.  

Wild Agave Varietals

The US and Mexico are home to an estimated 40 different varieties of agave plants that can be made into spirits. Many of these wild, free-range plants commonly inhabit the areas where our harvesting is most prevalent. Because of the diversity and randomness of these harvested species, every bottle of Tezcal achieves a unique and complex flavor.


We focus our conservation efforts on both sides of the border. From the United States to Mexico, we ensure the protection of our varietals, bringing you a smooth beverage without the ecological harm. 

Farmers/Harvesters Story

When it comes to the harvesting of the wild agave and hemp that goes into Alta Vida Tezcal, we contribute to the local people of the land. We bring educational resources and awareness to these areas in understanding the importance of sustainability of the land’s resources, while helping people empower their communities.

Our Conservation Efforts

While we strive to provide a smooth drinking experience with our Tezcal, we also strive to preserve the land and communities surrounded by the ingredients that make our spirits. As we work towards conservation and restoration awareness, we are constantly searching for new partners who work in the preservation and rehabilitation of the natural ecosystems of our Tezcal’s ingredients. We’ll keep updating our current partners so, check back to see who they are and what they do for the natural habitats of plants and wildlife.

2021 Alta Vida Tezcal