What is Tezcal

Tezcal is a unique name we’ve coined to describe our new kind of wild agave spirit. Traditionally mezcal is made with agave harvested from, and bottled in, Mexico—our Tezcal is derived from wild agave in Mexico but distilled and bottled in Texas.  

Why We Exist

We believe that a great adventure is just around every corner. When it comes to celebrating life milestones or sharing a simple night by the firepit, Alta Vida Tezcal was crafted to celebrate cherished times and create lasting memories.

Who We Are

Alta Vida was created by five friends with a passion for the outdoors, who were always down for an adventure—anytime, anywhere. We saw an opportunity to create a unique agave spirit and bring it to those who share our passions, crafting our products here in Texas. Alta Vida is a celebration of our adventures, where quality takes priority – in our gear, our company, and our spirits.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are harvested from the US and Mexico, combining the cultures of these countries as a celebration to the historical and traditional usage of their native agave plants.  

Wild Agave

Our wild agave is harvested in Mexico, never farmed. We are working on furthering our conservation and restoration efforts with our philanthropic partners to ensure the future of agave harvests and wildlife habitats. 


Our Tezcal is infused with hemp, organically grown in the US, which adds an earthiness and citrus notes to the palate. This hemp is all-natural and offers a unique drinking experience to your celebrations and get togethers as the citrus complements the natural flavors of agave. There is no THC in our Alta Vida Tezcal.

2021 Alta Vida Tezcal