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Our line of Tezcal spirits bring a unique beverage to your home with its assortment of wild agave varietals and hemp flavors. Our Tezcal varietals each come with their own particular tasting notes that will add to any great adventure or celebration.


Our slightly aged Rested Tezcal brings the agave forward to the palate, comparable to a Blanco varietal. Hints of bright citrus, melon, pepper, and earthy hemp await you in this spirit, offering a decadent drinking experience for all occasions.


Our Aged Tezcal matures a little longer in oak barrels, creating a darker color in the spirit, making it an equivalent to a Reposado varietal. Notes of oak and vanilla create a perfect, smooth, more mellowed drinking experience, with the same earthy hemp taste we’re known for. 


Our Matured Tezcal is aged the longest in oak barrels offering a bolder and richer beverage similar to an Añejo varietal. Tasting notes include hints of warm vanilla, cinnamon, and smokey elements with a lasting hemp flavor expected in every bottle.

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